A Full Nest

In late October 2015 I met a family cobbled together on the edge of homelessness. 

Three adults and two children were crammed into a single room in a motel on the edge of Athens, Ohio. They didn't have the money to afford another night. Their best hope was if their social worker managed to push through an application for a house that had become available in the nearby town of Nelsonville. 

Lexie, a shy and softly-spoken 18-year-old, is mother to two bright and inquisitive little boys, one still a baby. 

She met her new partner, Dustin, in the Social Security office. Sometimes little Josh, 3 years old, calls him Dad.

Also in the equation is Joyce, Lexie's grandmother, whose own life has been buffeted by domestic violence and substance abuse.

This is the beginnings of their story.