A Rush of Blood to the Head

Last month I got the chance to photograph the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. It's the largest multi-sport festival in the United States and I found myself in awe of the strange creatures that surrounded me. With 18000 sportsmen and women competing in 70 fields including 14 Olympic sports, for a marginally fit person the 4-day event was like plunging into one elite subculture after another. So much respect for the discipline, determination and sheer excellence of the athletes, all of them. But it was the bodybuilding and the boxing that had me transfixed. It was a privilege to get to work alongside some truly brilliant sports shooters and a thrill to be close enough to get sprayed with sweat from time to time. Once it was over I could hardly see straight and half one hand stayed numb for a week. But I would do it again in a heartbeat.